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Creativity is part of my personality, and makes me tick!     And I've been able to grow into my role as a creative entrepreneur - in business, design, and marketing.  Over time I have combined my web project management and branding skills with my creative soul to thrive in business for nearly 20 years. 

I run a couple of businesses – Breastmates Maternity, Creative Club, and Consulting on Digital Marketing.  These have grown through my passion, attention to detail, and quirkiness. #geek101

I have so much energy and passion to share, so I am branching out to new areas.   This simple website is to give you a snippet about what I've been working on, and perhaps we can work together as I embrace my digital skills.

Franny McInnes

My Current Hustles

Breastmates started as a small new-mum hobby, with one eco-friendly homemade product. I didn’t have any business experience or money, so I had to teach myself every aspect of running a business from the ground up.  And it worked.

Nearly 20 years later, Breastmates has become a premier motherhood brand that’s well-known throughout New Zealand and Australia. I design and oversee production of my own clothing range and develop/commercialize other products.  #SingleHanded

I’ve built up a massive e-commerce website and huge social media community which reaches women around the world.  Along with a glowing reputation simply through providing excellent customer service & great products.    I’ve received some great press and won a few awards along the way too.   These are all skills that I am able to share as I move into a consultancy role.

The business runs like a well-oiled machine, so I can take on Consultancy roles to share my branding, marketing and design skills in a different avenue and apply them to other brands.

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Digital Consulting

Digital marketing is the fundamental way I have been able to create my business and continue for nearly 20 years, as I had no shop presence and had to make a big footprint online with my website to represent my brand.  Marketing has also been a way to be creative and memorable through all the social media platforms, e-commerce, and video.   I have built up a knowledge base through years of trial & error, and love sharing these skills into new industries.   I'm eager to work with local businesses, and develop website, marketing and digital content strategies to build your brand. 

I'd love to be a "ghost writer"  to represent your brand and help you with the daily admin of social media.   Or set up a website to get your brand online.  Big or little!  I'm excited to learn about your business and how I can best showcase it to get your word out! 

Let's talk about your needs....

  • Content Strategy

  • Social Media Posts & Administrator Role to help with all the chores

  • Audience Growth and Engagement

  • Electronic Digital Marketing (and workflow automation for email mailouts)

  • Branding

  • Sales Strategy

  • Website Setup

  • Web Design Project Management

  • Photoshop

  • Customer Service Training to get you 5-star reviews

  • Giving your team the skills to operate your socials/web

I can also help with brand merchandise - directly through my contacts overseas... so many ways I can help you!

Referrals available on request.  I work with exclusive industries, so clients are not competitive.

Creative Club

I came up with the concept for Creative Club after realizing that people were interested in my quirky, crafty ideas and that I could inspire others to Make.

For small groups of children, we get to be inventive, innovative, make stuff, craft with a bit of engineering for structural support, have fun, and have a chat at the same time. The children inspire my own creativity in return!

I also run evenings for groups of local women to socialize with a wine, and learn old-school crafts such as knitting, sewing, and crotchet.   Also known as Stich'n'Bitch!

Some of my Achievements (so far)

What Can I Help you With?

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Digital Communications

  • Product Design & Commercialisation

  • Branding

  • Website and E-Commerce Project Management

  • Promotional Merchandise

  • Creativity Classes 

Get in touch and we can work out how to make this happen!  I'm eager to get involved in different industries, so I can utilize my time and energy to help other businesses.  Nothing too big or too small!!

Based in Cambridge, can travel and work remotely.

“We have watched Franny’s company grow from kitchen table to a fully-fledged business. Passion, customer centricity, an absolute commitment to quality and sheer hard work have contributed to Franny’s success.  The experience and learnings Franny has gained in growing her business make her an ideal candidate to mentor other business owners.”
Keith Goddard | Commercial Manager | ASB Bank Limited

Interested in finding out more?

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